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Emmanuel Gentinetta: Youngest and fastest man in history to mountain bike
 the Pan American Highway down the entire length of the Americas.

Personal data

Born:  June 18, 1981
Place of birth: 
Burlingame, California USA
Son of:
Mario Anibal (1953) and Elsa Virginia Gentinetta (1954)
Parents originally from:
The Republic of Argentina
Aldana (1976) Florencia (1979) Clarissa (1989)
Francesco (1990)
Honor graduate from:
Summerville High School, Tuolumne, California, USA
Resident of:
World Citizen!
Spoken languages: English, Spanish, Italian

The project in his own words:

On March 19, 1999 after almost a year of planning and preparation Emmanuel Gentinetta and Nolan Lamb released the following press release:


           PRESS RELEASE          
Cruise the Americas    Sonora, CA 95370 - USA   

For Immediate Release

Date: March 19, 1999

Contact: Emmanuel Gentinetta / Nolan Lamb




Let us inform you of an adventure on which we will embark. We want the public as well as commercial businesses to know about our trip in order to give them an opportunity to support the adventurous spirit of American youth.

We plan to travel from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, to Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, via mountain bikes. That means we will be riding over 15,600 miles along the Pan American Highway on our bicycles. In order to complete the trip in the time we desire, our goal is to average approximately 67 miles per day. This should be sufficient calculating in rest days, or days when more miles are covered or less are completed. Upon completion of our endeavor, we will become the youngest people to bike that route. We will both be eighteen during the trip. We will fly to Alaska on June 22, 1999 and begin our journey on June 24, 1999. We plan to devote nine to ten months for our trip, thus we have decided to delay our college entrance by one year. We are both honor students ranking in the top ten percentile of our Senior class at Summerville High School in Tuolumne County. We will both graduate from Summerville High School on June 11, 1999.

We are well aware of the challenges that will inevitably present themselves along the way. To ensure that there are as few conflicts as possible we would like to come very well prepared with only the most reliable equipment to help us achieve our goal. That is the reason for us to contact you at this time. We are not part of any team nor are we doing this trip to profit financially in any way or for any special recognition. However, the media has already shown interest and crews from as far as Argentina have already scheduled to be in Alaska for our departure and cover the trip along the entire way.

Any support that YOU may give us will be greatly appreciated. Please contact us as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and please take this with special consideration.



Emmanuel Gentinetta                 Nolan Lamb


As planed they departered on June 22, 1999 from San Francisco International Airport to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.  They arrived on the same day and began their Cruise The Americas bicycle journey on June 23, 1999.   Two days after initiating their trip Nolan Lamb felt it was better for him to go back home.  He did so on the same day June 25th 1999.  Emmanuel Gentinetta decided to stay and pursue the Cruise The America's goal by himself.  That day he also made another decision, he renamed the Cruise The Americas journey into:

Bike It Solo

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